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SUPER SAVER TRAVEL, Inc. dba Cuba Travel-USA is a Tour and charter operator founded by Alina Fernandez in 1992 in the state of Louisiana. Upon its establishment, CubaTravel-USA became the region’s first and only authorized Cuba Tour Operator, working with Cuba’s Havanatur Celimar. In 1994 we became the first agency in the State of Louisiana to be licensed by the US Department of Treasury (OFAC) to operate as a Cuba Travel Services Provider (TSP), and in 2000 we became an authorized Carrier Service Provider (CSP). In 2011, CubaTravel-USA secured approval to operate direct charter flights from New Orleans to Havana or from any USA designated Airport. We have years of experience arranging travel & tours to Cuba , and can help you plan your ideal trip or package to legally visit one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating countries.

Mission & Vision

Our company was established with the mission of serving the Cuban-American community, offering them easy, legal flights to Cuba via any approved airport. With our experience, and as relations between the U.S. and Cuba have grown closer, our vision has expanded to offer travel services to anyone wishing to travel to Cuba, whether to reunify with family or to engage in any number of academic, cultural, humanitarian, religious, or other opportunities.

We serve the Cuban-American Community by providing our legally licensed direct flights to Cuba

Missionary Trips

plusSupersaver can help you with your missionary trip whether you travel alone or with a group.

Important Links

textLearn more about important places to visiting in Cuba and how beautiful is island.

Flight Services

planeOur Flight Services page will be available soon, but we are definitely booking flights NOW. Please click the Contact Us button for more information or call (504) 252-9774.

About Cuba Travel-USA

Cuba Travel-USA is a charter operator established in 1992 as a d.b.a. from Supersaver Travel founded by Alina Fernandez. In 1992, became a Tour Operator for Cuba with our counter part of Havanatur Celimar. In 1994 we were the first Agency in the State of Louisiana to get Travel Service Provided…

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Contact us for more information about your trip to Cuba or visit our office.

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