Who can travel to Cuba under the current restrictions?

The current U.S. restrictions on travel apply to all citizens and residents of the U.S. no matter from what country you travel to Cuba and no matter if you hold citizenship from another country as well. Only persons authorized by U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) may use the charter service between any US airport designate for Cuba.
Cuba Travel-USA is licensed by OFAC to make travel arrangements for those individuals and groups who either (a) have obtained a Specific License from OFAC authorizing their travel to Cuba, or (b) are traveling under the general authorization given by OFAC for certain categories of persons without any need for them to apply for a Specific license. This general authorization is called a General License.

fileA GENERAL LICENSE (no application is necessary), allows certain categories of travel to Cuba and, if your travel is described by one of these categories, then you can travel and do not have to make an application to OFAC. Categories under the General License include:

Complete description of the following categories and for the Guidelines to apply for a Specific License:

About Cuba Travel-USA

Cuba Travel-USA is a charter operator established in 1992 as a d.b.a. from Supersaver Travel founded by Alina Fernandez. In 1992, became a Tour Operator for Cuba with our counter part of Havanatur Celimar. In 1994 we were the first Agency in the State of Louisiana to get Travel Service Provided…

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